What is the ACO?
The Amateur Chess Organization is the organization for amateur chess players up to 2400 rating points.
For whom has the ACO been founded?
99% of all chess players have got less than 2400 rating points and do not earn a living from chess. The ACO has been founded for this biggest group of chess players, the amateurs.
Why has the ACO been founded?
As the vast majority of chess players are amateurs and as there has been no chess organization in the past that exclusively represents the interests of amateur chess players, the establishment of the ACO was a necessary consequence.
How can I support the ACO?
If you are a chess enthusiast and want to help promoting amateur chess you can support the ACO by becoming a partner.
Will the ACO be represented in all countries?
The goal is to find representatives all over the world and to promote amateur chess globally. By now the ACO has representatives in 16 countries.
How will the ACO promote amateur chess?
ACO brings chess together with joy and fun. This is done with outstanding ACO World Championship, a new Chess Community, social international exchange, promotion of Youth and Scholastic chess, introduction of chess leagues without club structures and much more.
Is ACO connected to FIDE?
No. The ACO is a completely independent organization. The ACO considers itself as a complementary organization but without restricting federal structures.

Who can participate in the ACO World Amateur Championship?
Every chess player below 2400 rating is allowed to participate.

Where is the ACO located?
The Amateur Chess Organization has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.