Sights of Kos

The Kos Old Town in Greece
Kos Island is one of the most historical and wonderful places to visit in the area of Greece. At the present time, the place is already considered as one of the best tourist spots in the country that was stated because of its calm and peaceful nature. It is a place where tourists and travelers will never be afraid to stroll and have fun. The most interesting part of this place is its old town area. The Kos Old Town embodies a bustling pedestrian area according to those people who already visited it in the past. A short visit in this place will never be so stressful for the travelers since all of their traveling needs are available in its vicinity. In addition to that, transportation will never be a problem in this place since it is always surrounded with public utility vehicles that are very reliable when it comes to the process of discovering the other wonderful places available in the Kos Island. In order to reach the area of Kos Old Town, people must try to look for the Eleftheria Square. Eleftheria Square serves as the main entrance towards the area of the old town. The Kos Old Town ends up in the area of Diagora Square. It is best to visit this place in the whole period of summer season. It is because during summer season, the place becomes dry and free from bad weather conditions that may affect the target travel experience of the tourists. People can find several kinds of wonderful places in this old town. It serves as a perfect place for relaxation since several kinds of amazing business establishments and shops are available in its area to provide maximum satisfaction to all the individuals who won’t hesitate to spend their holiday vacations and vacant schedules in its area. Some of the examples of business establishments that the tourists will find in Kos Old Town include cafes and restaurants that can provide great entertainment to each one of them. Several kinds of wonderful shops are also available in this old town to offer special souvenirs and purchasable items to the tourists.

Hippokrates was Born on Kos

Hippokrates is well-known in this world as the father of medicine. This individual was the first man who claimed that medicine is something that can never be connected to the idea of magic and superstitious beliefs. This man introduced medicine as the best solution to the problems that are related to the ability of a human body to respond in a certain type of disease process in a very excellent way to achieve fast recovery. Many people believe in the historical data that this guy was born in the area of Kos which is one of the historical places in Greece. Well, it is true that Hippokrates was born on Kos. The father of medicine was a Greek national who contributed a lot of improvements in the quality of the medical services that are available in this world at the present time. Without this guy, all people in this world will die hopeless because of the diseases that are capable of destroying their immune system and health. According to the set of historical details about the ancient Greece, Hippokrates was born in the area of Kos in the period of 460 BC. In Kos, Hippokrates lived as an ordinary individual who aims to become a reliable physician for the sick people and other individuals who are suffering from serious diseases. This guy created a lot of studies about the idea of medicine in Kos for several years. The parents of this individual were Greek nationals also and residents of Kos, Greece. The father of Hippokrates was Heraclides and the mother of this guy was named Praxitela. Just like the ordinary male individuals in Greece before, Hippokrates became a father also. The children of this man were Draco and Thessalus who were very intelligent and creative also. The Greek nationals were very proud of the fact that Hippokrates was born on Kos. Such historical data helped their country to become more popular in the different parts of this world. Kos Island will always be a historical place in Greece because of this amazing fact.

The Antimachia Castle

One of the most popular tourist destinations you shouldn’t miss in the area of Kos is the Antimachia Castle. This is considered as one of the oldest historical landmarks in Greece. Many people are aware of the fact that this place is very wonderful and excellent especially for those individuals who want to discover more about the history of the country that was stated. The place is well-known before as a defensive structure against the enemies of the Greek people. According to the set of data about the history of this tourist spot, it was built by a group of knights who were actually known as followers of St. John. The Antimachia Castle was built in the period of 14th century. It became a center for trading and religious operations for several years. The two oldest churches of the Greek people are present in the vicinity of this huge castle which makes it more interesting. It will be very easy for the other nations to analyze the flow of the history of Greece as one of the most popular countries in this world nowadays with the help of all the things and historical structures that are available in this huge castle. Right now, most of the walls of the Antimachia Castle have damages already. But its architectural design remains wonderful regardless of the presence several damages in its different parts. In this huge castle, people can enjoy the most beautiful view of the country side of Greece where the straight area that separates Kos Island from the Turkish Coast is present and can provide entertainment to the tourists. No other historical landmarks in this world at the present time can exceed the beauty of all the scenes that are available in this famous castle. The Ancient Greece will never be impossible to describe with the help of all the things that are available in Antimachia Castle. Anyway, what’s the name of the two ancient churches that are available in this castle? The two ancient churches that are available in this castle are the Agios Nikolaos of 16th century and the Agia Paraskevi of 18th century.