Former vice-world champion GM Alexei Shirov
Alexei Shirov
  • More than 5h video training on a real chess board with former vice-world champion GM Shirov
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Attacking Chess for Amateur players - by Alexei Shirov
Learn attacking chess the right way! By showing his favourite and most spectacular games of his chess career Grandmaster Alexei Shirov explains the best attacking techniques for amateur chess players. In 20 videos and over 5 hours of running time Alexei Shirov will teach you the most dangerous ways to attack your opponents king - explained by a former Vice-World Champion.
What makes our videos so special?
Instead of a two-dimensional presentation of a diagramm our way of learning chess focusses on a perspective which we are already familiar with when we play chess. Our videos show a realistic chess board. We want you to learn chess how you will see it on the chess board. Realistic - and therefore much better for your long-term memory!

What other chess players say about the ACO Chess School:

"I would like to give you a very positive feedback about the videos. So far I always had the problem with DVD's that I can't look at a real chess board. This was solved very well. The view on a real chess board helps a lot to memorize the content. In addition to that GM Shirov presented the plans and ideas very memorable. It simply helps to memorize the principle ideas and motives. I like to look at the videos over and over again, playing the moves along my own chessboard. Very well done, especially you don't need any other DVD for some time. Because of that I think the cost-performance ratio is more than fair. A big thank you for the videos!"
Matthias Schmidt, Germany, 1680 national rating
"So far the videos are great. One advantage is that this content is hard to find in books or somewhere else, so it's unique."
Ulrich Kapfer, Germany, 1930 Elo
"I have also been to ACO seminars before - everything was great. Now I also heard about the ACO Chess School, I have to admit that it's another great idea."
Steffen Gampper, Germany, 1700 Elo

Introduction Video with GM Shirov

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