How to bet on soccer

Soccer is called the "game of millions" for a reason - it is enjoyed by people of all ages, from children on the playground to the older generation watching TV. The popularity of this sport is due to the simple rules, entertainment and accessibility of the game.

When it comes to betting on sports, it's normal that many people think immediately of soccer. This discipline is ahead of other sports in terms of the number of bets made, not only live, but also online. Each of you can legally Thai bet on soccer matches without any problems, which is what we will talk about in this article.

The following will be a brief guide to soccer betting, its features, types, as well as presenting the most common strategies among players. In addition, we have carefully studied the reviews and wishes of bettors, and decided to tell about the pitfalls of betting on soccer.

Features and secrets of online soccer betting

The main advantage of soccer is a huge number of events for betting. Every day there are hundreds of matches in different championships and tournaments, with matches taking place at any time of the day - late at night (America), in the morning (Australia and East Asia), afternoon and evening (Africa, Europe).

On this basis, we move on to the next advantage of the game - the high odds and the minimum margin. Due to the great popularity of soccer, bookmakers are competing with each other for each client, offering high quotes on upcoming matches.

Also a peculiarity of soccer matches is a wide spread. In addition to the classic betting options (win, handicap, total), betting shops offer the opportunity to bet on exotic markets, such as "Will there be a penalty or a penalty", "Auto-total", "Time match", "Who will score" and many others.

And finally, it is impossible not to mention a weighty factor for bettors - the availability of statistics and video broadcasts. You can not only read the results of previous fights, analyze them, but also watch the match on which you bet, in live mode. There are many portals on the Internet that specialize in soccer statistics and video broadcasts.

Major soccer championships

If you are interested in interactive online soccer betting, it is important to have an idea of the major championships and tournaments. These are the events that the press and analysts constantly talk about, they are covered in the news, and they have the most statistics attached to them. The last point is especially important, as it will simplify the preparation for the next matches.

All club soccer tournaments can be roughly divided into two large categories - national and international. Let's start with the first group:

  • English Premier League. Clubs from the Foggy Albion are extremely active in the transfer market, so at the beginning of each new season in this competition there is the highest concentration of strong players. The tournament is highly dynamic, spectacular and in some cases unpredictable: the underdog can always beat the favorite. Top clubs include Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea;
  • Spanish Primera (La Liga). Despite the fact that the strongest players on the planet in the form of Messi and Ronaldo play here, the level of interest in the Spanish La Liga is slightly lower than in the English championship. The main reason is the lack of competition. The leading teams are Barcelona and Real Madrid, although lately they have been heavily challenged by Atletico;
  • German Bundesliga. Bayern Munich has been the undisputed leader for four seasons, but the battle for second place has been fierce. The Bundesliga is a competitive and exciting championship, although in terms of technicality it is inferior to the above two competitions;
  • The Italian Serie A. The Apennines are full of strong clubs, with around six teams claiming the top spot every year, including Napoli, Juventus, Roma, Inter, AC Milan and Fiorentina. Because of the great competition, there are often "derbies" - confrontations between inveterate enemies, usually from the same city or region. In these matches Italians put the maximum effort, fighting just to win. The downside is that some teams are prone to score goals and get defensive, negating the excitement of the game;
  • French Ligue 1. Since the season 2012/2013 top places in the French championship are occupied by PSG, Monaco and Olympique Lyon. It is these clubs that show spectacular soccer: often the other matches in the competition do not shine with results, and against a background of weak competition do not attract much attention.