• Become World Senior Chess Champion in your rating group!
  • 7 separated rating groups
  • 5-Star All-Inclusive Hotel Fodele Beach Resort
  • Guest of honour: former World Championship candidate GM Vlastimil Hort
  • Free lectures and analysis of games with GM Skembris & GM Lanka

Our flight recommendations (list will be updated regularly)
FromTo and backLink
BerlinCrete/Kreta Flight Berlin - Crete and back
Frankfurt-MainCrete/Kreta Flight Frankfurt - Crete and back
ZuerichCrete/Kreta Flight Zuerich - Crete and back
HamburgCrete/Kreta Flight Hamburg - Crete and back
StuttgartCrete/Kreta Flight Stuttgart - Crete and back
DuesseldorfCrete/Kreta Flight Duesseldorf - Crete and back
MuenchenCrete/Kreta Flight Muenchen - Crete and back
Koeln-BonnCrete/Kreta Flight Koeln-Bonn - Crete and back
BremenCrete/Kreta Flight Bremen - Crete and back
Leipzig-HalleCrete/Kreta Flight Leipzig-Halle - Crete and back
DresdenCrete/Kreta Flight Dresden - Crete and back
HannoverCrete/Kreta Flight Hannover- Crete and back
GenfCrete/Kreta Flight Genf - Crete and back
BaselCrete/Kreta Flight Basel - Crete and back
Wien/ViennaCrete/Kreta Flight Wien/Vienna - Crete and back
LondonCrete/Kreta Flight London - Crete and back
ManchesterCrete/Kreta Flight Manchester - Crete and back
ParisCrete/KretaFlight Paris - Crete and back
PragueCrete/Kreta Flight Prague - Crete and back
StockholmCrete/Kreta Flight Stockholm - Crete and back
OsloCrete/Kreta Flight Oslo - Crete and back

What participants say about previous ACO World Senior Championships

“As an avid chess player, this holiday with like-minded chess enthusiasts is a highlight for me every year. Mainly because of the perfect organisation, the beautiful holiday destination, the delicious food with a large selection and because almost the whole day revolves around our beloved game of chess. There is the actual tournament itself, the analysis, the seminars and the blitz tournaments. Each time you meet friends from all over the world and get to know new ones. That one day is chess-free and you have time to visit sights the country has to offer is a welcome change. And I think that all this is very good value for money. I am already looking forward to the next ACO events in 2020!“
Max Auer, Austria
“Since for me life does not only consist of chess, I find a a nice place in the
very good restaurant, enjoy a cool drink at the bar or relax in a sunny or shady spot on a beautiful beach. In short: a chess tournament suddenly becomes a holiday with chess. Here everyone can choose their priorities and also the day without play offers many possibilities. All in all, I always find a perfect package of options at the ACO chess tournaments, which are worth every penny. I already know that next year I’ll be back on the plane, approaching the next ACO Championships.“
Fritz Engau, Germany
“It was great experience going through my game postmortems with congenial grandmaster Spyridon Skembris. I learned a lot and took a few tips home. The All-inclusive Fodele Beach Hotel was everything we could ask for, from the waterpark at top of the hill to the exclusive beach and clear sea at the bottom. Unfortunately the amazing cuisine and the exhaustive menu, especially those heavenly desserts, left a mark on my waistline! Just a year to lose those extra kilos.“
David Gilbert, England
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent organisation. I did not get a chance to do so during the event. All the more reason for me to do this now. It was a perfect tournament from my point of view, and I will be happy to come back next year! Perfect organisation, great rooms, ideal free drinks, great supporting programme, emphasising the international (21 nations) feel of the event - brilliant. All in all, just perfect! Thanks a lot!“
Jürg Morf, Switzerland