Group photo of the ACO World Amateur Chess Championship Rhodes 2014 (with 237 players from 26 countries)

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Impressions of the ACO World Amateur Chess Championship Rhodes 2014:

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What participants are saying about the ACO World Amateur Chess Championship Rhodes 2014

David Moreno Rivilla

"Kudos to the ACO team, which looked after all participants with great dedication. It was my first participation, and I will always remember it, not only because of the final result. 🙂 Everything was perfectly organized, the tables and boards were always neatly prepared. Despite the huge number of participants, we had enough space in the playing hall to roam around and check out the other games. Every evening they organized an event, be it a blitz tournament or a chess tutorial by the fantastic and always funny Latvian GM Lanka, who speaks fluent German. Inviting him to Rhodos was a great idea. I take my hat off to the organizers, who untiringly ensured a great playing atmosphere every single day. Can't wait for next year in Kos!"
David Moreno Rivilla, Spain, 1588 Elo
"I was fortunate enough to have the chance to participate in the 2014 ACO World Championship in Rhodes, Greece and I can easily say that it was the best organized event I have ever participated in! The organizers made sure every detail was taken care of and made the players feel very special. The venue was great with ample space and good lighting. I also enjoyed the side events (blitz tournament etc) that they made available to us and was able to participate in one of them. The schedule of the games was well thought-out and allowed for family time as well as time to explore the island of Rhodes itself. The hotel was also great and considering that it was "all-inclusive" it was very affordable. All in all, a great event and great initiative by the organizers! Bravo! I really hope I can make this an annual event for myself and my family and I hope that more and more people will support ACO and participate in future championships!"
Constantine Ananiadis, USA, 1899 national rating
Constantine Ananiadis
"Dear ACO Team,
As someone who played in your Rhodes 2014 tournament, I would like say a big thank you for hosting such a fabulous tournament and also many congratulations on securing the next tournament in Kos. I could not have hoped to play in such a well run, organized and thought out tournament, which very much lived up to the prestige of calling it the ACO World Championship. The atmosphere, location and playing format make it a truly special event and I have taken away many fond memories. It was also very nice to see the operation was run by a group of people so warm, passionate and ambitious about the game - I can only imagine it is no mean feat to organize such a large event for so many people - I really hope your hard work continues to prosper and you get to realize the vision you have for these tournaments. Quality events for amateurs are hard to come by and boy is yours the benchmark by which others have to try to live up to!"
Alexander Newstead, USA, 0 Elo, Group G
Alexander Newstead
Mikael Svensson
About the ACO World Amateur Chess Championship Crete 2013:
"Hats off and a big round of applause to the entire ACO team for yet another brilliant performance! ACO is a young organization, now with its second World Championship organized for chess amateurs from around the world. Being a participant in both Dubai and Crete, it’s natural for me to compare the two tournaments. Playing in Dubai was certainly a privilege. With the luxurious resort as both accommodation and playing hall for the participants, and with the prize giving ceremony in Burj Al Arab, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience. All things considered, however, the tournament on Crete took the tournament one step further, even surpassing the experience in Dubai. While the hotel in Dubai was great, the climate on Crete was strongly preferable. While a decent amount of players around the world gathered in Dubai, the number of participants more than doubled on Crete. While I was having a good time in Dubai, the friendly atmosphere in the tournament on Crete reached a level that I have never experienced before in any chess tournament. Ever. That the organizers recognized me from last year was perhaps not that surprising. But that they all seemed to know everybody by name, just after a few days, was truly impressive, and helped to make everybody feel part of the ACO family."
Mikael Svensson, Sweden, 2021 Elo, Group B
About the ACO World Amateur Chess Championship Dubai 2012:
"For me the tournament in Dubai was great. Although I did not know what to expect, I would say that it succeeded all my expectations. The group of participants was small, what gives an intimate atmosphere. After a few days you knew all players by face and most of them by name. Despite the heat outside, there was warmth and friendliness inside the hotel. This friendliness was very strongly present in the persons who organized the tournament. A great compliment for ACO for their ideas, their hard working, their friendliness and their professionality. The whole organization was just perfect. Their were no incidents, the sportsmanship was of a high level and there were a lot of contacts between the organizers and between the players . These contacts continued even after the tournament in some cases. I personally will surely meet several players in Crete, Greece againnext year in May."
Harry Wubs, Netherlands, 1901 Elo, Group C
Harry Wubs
About the ACO World Amateur Chess Championship Crete 2013:
"Me gusto mucho el torneo. Fue una buena experiencia. Con deseos de jugar de nuevo otro torneo realizado por la ACO.
I really liked the tournament. It was a nice experience. With best wishes to play another tournament organized by ACO."
WIM Elizabeth Paola Moreno García, Venezuela, 2077 Elo
WIM Elizabeth Paola Moreno Garcia, Venezuela
About the ACO World Amateur Chess Championship Crete 2013:
"Dear chess friends. I'm very very glad, with the nine days in the world championship in Crete, with all. Great chess atmosphere, great Chessplayers,
great people, and great friends. Thank you for creating that one marvelous event, and also for the blitz tournaments! I really enjoyed them!
Thanks again for so much chess, chess, and more chess on greek islands! Go on for more!"
Antonio Maset, Argentina, about 1500 Elo
"Liebe Schachfreunde und Schachorganisatoren, ich war 2012 ebenfalls in Dubai dabei und fand das Event einzigartig. Auf Kreta gefiel es mir ebenso gut. Es war ein Wiedersehen mit Freunden, die ich in Dubai kennenlernen durfte. Und genau das ist das positivste für mich in diesem Jahr gewesen, und das bedeutet ACO für mich: Ein Wiedersehen mit Freunden. Es ist nur logisch, dass die Teilnehmerzahl gegenüber 2012 deutlich gesteigert werden konnte. Das Ambiente und die Idee, Schach mit Urlaub zu verbinden, ist wiederholt vollkommen aufgegangen. Auf Rhodos im nächsten Jahr wird die Teilnehmerzahl deutlich gesteigert, da bin ich mir sicher. Ich jedenfalls werde dabei sein, dann zum dritten Mal. Vielen lieben Dank an das gesamte Organisationsteam, vertreten durch Falko Bindrich und der Familie Hirneise. Wir sehen uns nächstes Jahr auf Rhodos."
René Tückmantel, Deutschland, 2111 Elo
Rene Tueckmantel
Alex Guensberg
"L’organisation et l’ambiance du tournoi en Crète étaient parfaits, on ne peut pas le dire autrement. Nous étions accueillis chaleureusement, on se
sentait quasiment « en famille », malgré le grand nombre de participants (et participantes !), venus des cinq continents. L’équipe de l’ACO, une bonne dizaine de personnes jeunes, compétentes et serviables, se donnaient toute la peine possible, non seulement pour mettre sur pied des inoubliables championnats du monde pour les amateurs de 0 à 2400 Elo (en 7 catégories, afin que les joueurs de tout niveau aient la chance de faire une médaille, j’en ai gagné celle d’argent dans la catégorie jusqu’à 1800 Elo, dieu seul sait pourquoi), mais aussi pour offrir des superbes vacances à nos familles, dans un confortable hôtel de 4 étoiles, situé sur l’une des plus belles plages de l’ile. Et tout ceci à un prix défiant toute concurrence. Je ne peux que remercier les organisateurs et leur assurer que nous et tous nos amis suisses seront de nouveau de la partie l’année prochaine à Rhodes."
Alex Günsberg, Suisse, 1760 Elo, fondateur et président du club d’échecs de Crans-Montana
"Danke, liebes ACO-Team, für ein erneut großartiges Schachfest. Dubai 2012 ist schwerlich wiederholbar oder gar zu toppen. Das war einzigartig
und bleibt unvergesslich. Und doch habt Ihr in einigen Details noch einen drauf gesetzt. So glänzte der Spielsaal neben den optimalen
Spielbedingungen an allen Brettern nun auch noch mit grandiosem Meerblick. Das Blitzturnier für Zweierteams war auch eine schöne Neuerung.
Das All-Inklusive-Paket hat diese Schachreise zudem finanziell überaus erschwinglich gemacht. Schön zu sehen, dass die ACO-Schachamateurfamilie
wächst. 168 Teilnehmer aus 26 Nationen, finde ich eine beindruckende Steigerung. Für mich ein Wiedersehen mit Freunden aus Dubai 2012 und das
Gewinnen neuer Freunde. Im Turnier durfte ich mich über Gegner aus sechs Ländern freuen.
Ich freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen auf Rhodos 2014."
Nadeesh Lindam, Deutschland, 2048 Elo

"Вот уже третий год подряд Любительская шахматная организация (ACO) проводит свой, независимый от ФИДЕ, Чемпионат Мира по шахматам среди любителей. На этот раз он прошел в июне 2014 года на греческом острове Родос. Всего в семи группах соревновались 237 игроков, которые прибыли из 26 стран.
Тюменские шахматисты второй год подряд очень серьезно готовятся к этим соревнованиям и представляют солидный состав спортсменов. По прибытию на место сразу стало ясно, что состав всех групп довольно сильный и борьба предстоит нешуточная. В программе соревнований, кроме основного классического турнира, проходили Блиц-турниры в личных и командных соревнованиях, в которых и запомнились тюменские шахматисты. Размещение, питание и условия в игровом зале были просто идеальными! Пляс здоровая экология острова, позволяющая чувствовать себя исключительно комфортно и удобно! Украшением Чемпионата стало присутствие на нем международного гроссмейстера Зигурда Ланки, который проводил мастер-классы и анализировал с участниками соревнований сыгранные партии. Общение с такими опытными тренерами и организаторами Чемпионата надолго останется в памяти шахматистов. Многие спортсмены из разных стран приобрели друзей для жизни, семьи и в шахматном мире.
С нетерпением будем ждать встречи на следующий 2015 год Чемпионата мира по шахматам среди любителей на греческом острове Кос!"
Tatiana Sitnikova, Russia

Pictures of the ACO World Amateur Chess Championship Kos 2015